On-Premise Solutions

On-Premise Solutions

We will design a bespoke comprehensive office communication system to fit your business requirements and your budget.

A Solution For Every Business

Here at SCB Global, all of our business solutions are built on the foundations of simplicity, reliability, resilience and integration to other systems including Microsoft Lync (SfB). The systems range from being partially or fully managed onsite systems to completely hosted systems where they are located at secure Data Centres:

Hosted Telephony

SCB Global hosted IP PBX systems are fully maintained and are located offsite ensuring your business can be securely and resiliently connected over the Internet. This means that your service is guaranteed to be continuous without any effort from you or your team. All hosted solutions have all the features of traditional PBX systems with the additional advantages of better mobile integration and call centre functionality. This allows full flexibility for the SME and remote offices to be connected without the deployment of onsite PBX systems.


SCB Global’s hosted telephony solutions are equipped with features traditionally found in the most expensive communication systems and all of our products come standard with:

right-icon Automated Attendant (IVR)
right-icon Call Detail Records (CDR)
right-icon Call Forward
right-icon Call Routing
right-icon Call Waiting
right-icon Conference
right-icon Do Not Disturb (DND)

right-icon Follow me
right-icon Intercom / Zone Intercom
right-icon Music on Hold
right-icon Music on Transfer
right-icon Queue
right-icon Hunt Group

Office Communications Need Simplifying? We have an app for that!

With our hosted services, we have an app that supports mobile extensions for iPhone and Android so that you can conference, transfer and manage up to 10 calls at a time. Each mobile can set its own availability, which is viewable by the whole network, so that you won’t be bothered by calls when busy or in a meeting.

Whether your business needs require you to run fixed lines into mobile or receive fixed line calls outside the office, this app easily integrates fixed and mobile, soft and physical phones. The calls are hosted over 4G and Wi-Fi, so the service itself is at no additional cost. Should you ever run into poor connection conditions, you can switch from data to GSM without dropping the call. Basically, whatever your business demands, this app can handle it.

Onsite IP PBX

At SCB Global, we pride ourselves on offering bespoke solutions that meet your business’s unique needs. Our onsite IP PBX packages are designed to give organisations a complete office communication system that has the flexibility they need with the best resilience in place. So whether your business needs 50 extensions or 1000, we have an onsite IP PBX package for you. With an onsite IP PBX, you get all the benefits of a cloud system but with a few differentiators:

right-icon Better security and accessibility.
right-icon Additional redundancy by using SIM, PSTN and ISDN backup lines.
right-icon Lower running costs.

SCB Global provides the powerful features modern businesses depend upon to compete in a complex rapidly changing environment. We deliver these features with our extensive knowledge and expertise, enabling you to balance your budget without sacrificing connectivity or quality.

right-icon Standard – for small businesses that need a telephone solution for fewer than 50 employees.
right-icon Premium – for growing businesses this is perfect solution for up to 1000 employees.
right-icon Premium Plus – for larger businesses that over 1000 extensions.


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