Mclellan Case Study


McLellan is a multinational engineering company with its main offices located in Surrey and Bridgend. It also has temporary project offices around the world, including in the Middle East and Central Asia. Its headcount fluctuates depending on project needs, generally ranging from 60 to 200 staff.

SCB Global approached McLellan with a multi step and multifaceted communication solution.
Initially, SCB Global took over McLellan’s ISDN circuits and was able to immediately reduce call rates through the use of CPS, saving McLellan as much as 40 percent on their calls.

The next step was upgrading to a fully IP solution. SCB Global replaced McLellan’s old ISDN connection with SIP and upgraded its hardware with a simplecall Enterprise IP PBX and Gigaset’s IP phones. This resulted in reducing McLellan’s costs by a further 25 percent. McLellan is now connected across multiple offices using SIP, meaning it can make free on-net calls between offices and have complete control of its outgoing number presentation.

Finally, SCB Global has provided McLellan with a mobile SIM solution for 35 handsets via a major UK mobile provider.

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