Case Studies

Case Studies

Managing university telephony systems causes headaches for even the most capable technical managers. Huge numbers of users and many different platforms means lots of potential issues. But some universities, like Global University Systems (GUS) are seeking a fresh approach to solve many of the inherent problems associated with internal and external telephony.

Global University Systems (GUS) is an international network of higher-education institutions, brought together by a shared passion for accessible, industry-relevant qualifications.

GUS delivers a wide variety of programs, including bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, professional training, English Language training, and corporate & executive education. When someone chooses to study at one of our institutions– whether on campus in Europe, North America, or even in their own home – they’re joining a network of over 40,000 students worldwide.

We caught up with Vicente Fraser, Service, CIO at Global University systems to find out how they’re using Microsoft Lync and Simplecall Business’s SIP service for both their UK and international telephony breakouts.



When Vicente Fraser joined LSBF in 2010, they were one of the first universities to implement MS Lync 2010. The university quickly realized the benefits of implementing MS Lync, however the cost of international and mobile calls were still going through the roof.
There were lots of ISDN channels that most of the breakouts went through. This meant that LSBF were paying very high charges for their international calls and the CLI numbers were still restricted to the local Exchange.

“It’s our responsibility as a higher education institution to be at the forefront of emerging technologies and practices,” says Vicente. “And there’s nothing worse than enforcing a choice of technology to complete an action on the web; it only breeds discontent.”



The solution from simplecall business included a highly redundant SIP package that allowed for CLI white listing as well as multiple SIP connections without any additional charge.

“We used other SIP providers, but the level of service, support and price from simpecall business is second to none” adds Vicente. “The international presence simplecall business provides is invaluable and excellent value for money.”
Simplecall business is part of an international carrier that an aggregate SIP trunks and numbers from multiple UK and international sources.



Vicente points out that the university has a centralized SIP end points through the recently upgraded Skype for Business collaboration system. This has immensely helped the day to day management of the telephony and collaboration tools. Additionally, whenever there is a merger or acquisition by GUS, the consolidation of the old and new systems are done in a coherent and seamless way. Additional benefits of course have been saving money on telephone bills and cutting down management time with a modern collaboration tool

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