Hosted and Cloud Telephony

Hosted and Cloud Telephony

Hosted telephony is a cloud-based unified communication system, also known as Cloud Telephony. It serves businesses of all sizes, call centers, and customer support departments.

When you invest in hosted telephony/cloud telephony, you get a system that covers all your communication needs at an economical price. Without having to make an enormous investment, it gives a solution that can make your internal and external communication efficient.

With hosted telephony, communication services are run and accessed through the internet. This enables Small and Medium sized businesses to make use of technologies that only large companies use, along with some sizeable savings. Some other benefits that are associated with it are :

  • No equipment purchase cost
  • Facilitates effective communication management
  • Control over the system through Internet-enabled devices

Hosted telephony makes use of cloud technology and removes the hassle of installing physical hardware on-site and analog or ISDN telephone lines from the phone providers; instead, Hosted telephony involves a business phone system hosted remotely and connected to the internet.

The remote location from where it operates is known as a hosted Private Branch Exchange(PBX) and can be accessed via leased lines. It is a flexible, efficient and consistent way of managing your communications with the possibility of additional features being added as and when the need arises.

The Solution provider houses the hosted Private Branch Exchange and manage the updates and maintenance of the system.

In comparison to a traditional phone system which requires hardware to be installed at your business premises and connection to an Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) line from a provider.

With hosted telephony, the call can be attended on a desk phone, softphone or even a mobile application.

The fact is that even after several decades of telephone revolution, it still remains one of the best platforms for lead generation as well as for customer engagement. But the phone, like so many other services has now moved to the cloud, enabling businesses to have complex and highly responsive phone or voice workflows without installing any hardware.

And that’s not all, some other advantages of hosted telephony include :

Track everything:

It lets you track and store everything from your calls to SMSes. Reports can be downloaded for a specific time period and can be used analyzing various parameters like calls attended, times of peak call traffic, etc.

24/7 access from anywhere:                                                              

Cloud-based telephony systems can be accessed by your employees anywhere using a supported mobile device.

Easy integration with other software:  

Being on the cloud means that your Hosted telephony can be integrated with other software like your CRM, Helpdesk, Mobile App, etc.

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