SCB-Global is the only major UK communications company and network operator that has a clear market focus on targeting customers through the channel and we‘ve developed a service portfolio and a quality of service that makes us easy and transparent to do business with.

We offer a variety of ways of working with us and by combining quality, performance excellence and competitive pricing, we ensure our Channel Partners are successful in their markets.

We Can Increase Your Revenue

By becoming a simplecall Business Partner, you get access to the full range of simplecall business communication solutions for your customers.

What You’ll be Selling

As a Business Partner, you can be a white label provider with your own brand and we will provide all the necessary sales, marketing and back office support all the way.You will be able to provide a complete modern telephony solution to your customers knowing that you have a reliable and fully committed partner on board.

How You Benefit

We can provide your customers complete A-Z telephony service on your behalf. We will ensure you will make respectable margins and keep away other potential network service providers than could eventually encroach on your service, potentially damaging your relationship with your customers,

We’ve Got Your Back Covered

By becoming a Business Partner, you will get the backing of a trusted reliable brand that will service and support you all the way. Customer satisfaction is a major consideration for us and we will do everything possible to ensure we look after your customers.

Strategic Relationships

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