Together We Are Stronger

In a constantly evolving telecommunications world, we recognize the importance of working together to be able to provide the most flexible, tailored and cost-effective solutions for all of our customers worldwide. By becoming a SCB Global Partner, you get access to the full range of our product portfolio; unlock long term steady revenue opportunity supported by a combination of quality performance and competitive wholesale pricing to make any channel partner thrive in the industry.

Our Channel program offers:

  • Long term revenue partnership: Being involved in our sales and marketing programs gives you market reach and tools to secure more business.
  • Global Reach/Convergence: Benefit from direct access to our resilient core infrastructure, which seamlessly collaborates with all the major T1 network operators to deliver a true converged, uninterrupted global voice and data solutions.
  • Support and contact: Access to a UK based extensive support with single point of contact thus simplifying communications and minimize response times.

Strategic Relationships

We recognize the fact that a single vendor or technology rarely offers all the answers to the fast evolving and dynamic needs of a business. Therefore, we pride ourselves to be one of the very few providers, who can truly deliver a comprehensive eco-system, backed by strategic alliances with world-leading technology vendors, to develop and build bespoke solutions addressing the mission critical needs of businesses globally.

Strategic Relationships

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Working Together

As a Business Partner, you can be a white label provider with your own brand. We will provide all the necessary sales, marketing, commercials, delivery and technical support all the way. You will be able to provide a complete modern unified communication system to your customer that is second to none, safe in the knowledge that you have a committed partner on board who shares your vision of delivering exceptional world class communications with outstanding customer care.

  • UK and Global SIP Trunks
  • Data connectivity around the world and UK
  • MS Lync Integration
  • International DDI and conferencing (both audio and video)

Our SIP solution provides a reliable, flexible and competitively priced solution that is simple to use for onsite PBX (we are vendor agnostic) or hosted telephony. Our SIP service can be delivered to both UK and international sites with number ranges from over 4,000 cities around the world, most providing local emergency number access. We are connected to most of the Tier1 operators around the world.

Hosted IP telephony – For smaller branch office deployments, we can provide hosted cloud based IP phones. This can be deployed easily and quickly in most parts of the world.

We have an unique aggregated proposition for UK and international data connectivity. Our proposition includes aggregation of the best networks in Europe, APAC and North America. When you need to deploy a new branch office, we will fully assess feasibility and bring the best data solutions to you. Some of the networks we rely on are Colt, BT, Verizon, Interoute, NTT and Telstra. We will do all of the legwork for your clients and deploy the best possible solution for the project.

We can guarantee full integration of our SIP to existing or new Lync installations. lync-asterisk-skype

One of our major strengths is the ability to provide numbers and additional phone services to international sites, removing the need for you to chase operators around the world. Our moto is “empowering global businesses” and if a number is available anywhere in the world, we can get it for you.

Additionally, we can provide full conferencing facilities with numbers from over 190 countries around the world. Hosted video conferencing is available for clients that require mobile and flexible conferencing facilities, especially those already using Lync (Skype for Business).

How You Benefit

We can provide your clients a complete A-Z telephony and unified communication service on your behalf. We will ensure that your clients receive premium products and services with exceptional high quality customer support. You will benefit from respectable margins too for your efforts. In addition, we also keep away other potential network/IT service providers that could eventually encroach on your service, potentially damaging your relationship with your customers.

We’ve Got Your Back Covered

We are very proud of our long standing partnerships with telecoms providers worldwide that have given us the experience and expertise to be able to deliver forward thinking ideas within a very competitive and difficult market. By becoming a Business partner of SCB Global, you are ensured a dedicated service from a trusted reliable brand that will service and support you all the way. Customer satisfaction is paramount for us and we will ensure that all of your valued clients will receive a personal and friendly customer care that is second to none.

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