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Benefits of using our cloud solutions


Achieve Simplicity Through Flexibility

At SCB Global, we spend time to understand your business telephony needs and then provide a solution that will not only meet your unique needs, but excel expectations.

We offer the following solutions to help create a bespoke solution for each and every customer:

  • Host –If you’d prefer not to have PBX equipment on site, SCB Global offers a solution that is securely hosted and managed on our own highly resilient servers for cloud telephony. You can add, remove and deploy hosted phone seats anywhere around the world, including the benefits of local numbering and inter-office connectivity.
  • Expand – Quickly and easily add new sites and remote users around the world providing them office based functionality and instantly benefit from free on-net calls and local breakouts, and reducing the hassle of setting up international sites.
  • Conferencing – We can host your video and audio conferencing requirements across multiple sites around the world. We have hosted model or “per seat” basis solutions that can be tailored to your requirements.
  • Scalability – Burst SIP channels for temporary use. Scale channels up or down to meet your volume needs as you grow or adapt.

Simplify your Telecom’s Estate

CLI presentation – Present your UK number from an international site, or present an international number from the UK. Whatever number you want to show (providing it is legal to do so), we make sure it comes through on the other end.

  • Cheaper international calls – Get carrier grade quality voice by using SIP to substantially reduce your telephone bill.
  • International offices conferencing– cheaper local calls and simple administration remote sites.

SCB Global offers an extensive range of solutions to help you simplify your communications estate.

  • Online Management portal – gives you access to easily reroute calls as part of a disaster recovery plan and the ability to configure professional auto-attendant and call queuing systems.
  • Online Billing portal – gives you access to bills and powerful reporting tools.
  • Telephone Support – 24 x 7 support provided by UK service desk.

Lync Integration

SCB Global has been specializing in SIP since 2004 and has extensive experience with implementing SIP solutions using Microsoft Lync (Skype for Business). This allows your system to become as mobile and dispersed as your staff are, extending communications beyond the campus environment.

SCB Global can connect Microsoft Lync to the public network to facilitate collaboration and for calls to be made externally. Additionally, we can provide video conferencing tools that will allow Lync to video conference with most other third party systems.

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