Education Sector

Attract Students wherever they are

Let us help you to expand your horizons and attract Students wherever they are using our progressive cloud based PBX solutions and proven, reliable SIP service.

Upgrade and Save

SCB Global has become a trusted supplier for a number of well-known academic institutions, enabling them to expand both their UK and overseas presence in a highly competitive market.

A cloud based communications solution not only means you are able to reach out and connect with potential students and world class teaching staff at a fracture of the cost. It also enables a seamless system integration to all your multinational and UK sites. We provide a proven reliable service with dedication.

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Proud Supplier

We are very proud to be a supplier on both the Janet Telephony purchasing service framework for education establishments. Additionally, all our solutions are available on the GCloud-8 which allows us to supply our services to government organisations through the purchasing framework

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