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Inbound Services – Conferencing

SIP trunks are a natural replacement for ISDN lines, they are simpler to manage, easier to scale and offer better resilience, and they are much cheaper to run. SCB-Global has over 10 years of experience of working with SIP trunks. We can implement inbound numbering with a choice of over 4000 cities around the world.

International SIP

SCB-Global SIP trunking allows you to move your geographic numbers outside your local exchange area, which means if you move office you can still take your numbers with you. Using International SIP and number presentation gives you the power to take London calls in Tokyo, or any other country where you want to have local presence, even local breakout to pay local call charges. We provide SIP globally, this will allow us to set up international offices quicker and with less hassle.


In a disaster recovery situation primary number location calls can be rerouted to an alternative location quickly, according to pre-defined DR plans. If employees were unable to get to work, they can still receive calls on the smart phones/PC/ tablets and be part of call groups as if they were in the office.

SIP trunking allows for voice calls to be run over the Internet connection, letting you lower your monthly voice bill without sacrificing communication. Enabling SIP trunks means free calls between your other SIP enabled offices, even for international locations.

SCB Global operates a fraud management system to provide monitoring against fraudulent use.


Video Conferencing

In todays changing telephony communication nothing can more beneficial and simpler for your business than global communication with video collaboration. We can offer vendor agnostic connectivity for a truly limitless video telephony for existing and new sites, including mobile connections.

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