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WTL Chosen by Simplecall Business’ parent Company

WTL chosen by simplecall business’ parent company, Zamir Telecom, to improve VoIP service between London and Bangladesh

World Telecom Labs (WTL) today announced that Zamir Telecom is using its specialist VoIP optimisation equipment to improve the service on its London to Dhaka route.

Zamir’s London to Dhaka managed VoIP service runs on a dedicated fibre link with traffic peaking at around 20 million minutes a day. Zamir has deployed WTL’s specialist VoIP switches at either end of its VoIP link to improve the quality of calls, ensure that the network is always available and to optimise Zamir’s bandwidth capacity without compromising voice quality.

The superior call quality now enables both Zamir’s retail business and its wholesale customers to market their London to Dhaka route as a ‘premium route’.

One Zamir customer which is already benefiting is incumbent Bangladeshi operator BTCL. Zamir’s wholesale business acts as a Point of Presence for BTCL enabling it to convert high volume IP traffic from London to TDM for onward transmission.

WTL’s switches have been specifically designed to replace the huge, expensive, maintenance-heavy switches that have traditionally been used to transfer VoIP traffic onto other networks. For Zamir Telecom, WTL’s suite of switches have a number of advantages over traditional switches including:

  • Increased capacity – WTL’s unique compression techniques reduces the amount of data used per call and enables a higher density of calls in the same bandwidth whilst maintaining high QoS.
  • Greater flexibility – WTL makes it easier for Zamir to increase and reduce capacity bought on its Bangladesh route as demand fluctuates. For example, capacity can be increased at the weekends or during Eid and New Year for both retail and wholesale customers.
  • Highly reliable even under very heavy traffic loads.
  • Billing/Interoperability – easy to integrate with Zamir’s existing billing system enabling accurate bills to the end-customer.
  • Fully redundant – WTL has created a self-healing, clustered architecture that gives n+1 redundancy. One of the advantages of this is that in the case of one server failing the extra traffic is distributed across the others.

As well as decreasing Zamir Telecom’s costs by a significant amount and improving the quality and reliability of the calls on the London to Bangladesh route, WTL has also provided Zamir with a SS7 Signalling controller to manage its fibre interconnections in Bangladesh. This enables Zamir to ensure the quality and reliability of the onward transmission of its customers’ calls onto the network of BTCL.

M Naufal Zamir, Managing Director and Founder of Zamir Telecom, said “WTL is a technologically innovative company whose team really understand what VoIP operators want and need. We buy from them because they do what they say – improve our network and reduce our costs. WTL has never failed us after promising a solution. We have been working with them since 2007 and their dedicated team has met every challenge in an organised and timely fashion working with us hand–in-hand”.

WTL’s VoIP optimization services and equipment are being used by a number of operators throughout Africa and the Middle East.

Leigh Smith, MD of WTL, said “We have created a real niche for ourselves as an innovative company with proven techniques to improve the quality, bandwidth efficiency and reliability of VoIP networks. Many VoIP operators simply don’t realise that there is a myriad of ways in which their network can be optimized to increase capacity and reduce costs”.

WTL is exhibiting at NigeriaCom in Lagos on September 17 and 18 2013 where both Leigh Smith and Naufal Zamir will be available for meetings.

About Zamir Telecom www.zamirtelecom.com

Established in 2004, Zamir Telecom has a diverse portfolio of innovative products and services in both the B2B and B2C telco markets. It offers a number of different services:

  • Wholesale A-Z and direct termination through its multiple direct interconnects with PTT / Tier 1 / Tier 2 and mobile operators.
  • Managed Solutions – Managed voice, data and IPLC services with a proven track record in providing white-label managed services to other service providers. It enables smaller telecom providers to use its switch partitioning facilities to minimise their start-up costs. This includes enabling resellers / channel partners to offer multiple voice services using Zamir’s infrastructure.
  • A retail arm – SimpleCall – which is a global B2C service provider for international calling services and also a MVNO in the UK.

About World Telcom Labs

World Telecom Labs is a Belgium-based company which has long been a leader in the provision of VoIP switches, Pre-Paid applications and signalling gateways for emerging carriers and telecom service operators. WTL has an installed base of 100,000s of voice ports with service providers worldwide switching billions of minutes of VoIP traffic using WTL equipment. For more information visit www.wtl.be

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