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Zamir Telecom joins Oracle’s Eloqua AppCloud

Zamir Telecom joins Oracle’s Eloqua AppCloud for launch of Simplecall sms

LONDON – Zamir Telecom, a global telecoms company with a diverse portfolio of innovative products and services in the B2B and B2C sectors, announced the launch of its free-to-install SMS cloud connector – called simplecall sms – that now features in Oracle’s own Eloqua AppCloud. Joining forces with Eloqua’s best-in-class modern marketing platform, Zamir Telecom will enable marketing professionals to quickly and easily integrate SMS into Eloqua’s marketing automation and performance management platform for more targeted, effective and comprehensive marketing campaigns.

Director of simplecall sms, Abdul Hamid Ebrahim, said: “We are excited to join Eloqua’s AppCloud in launching a service that we know delivers results, and one that we think will have a rapidly expanding role in the future of marketing communications. As Eloqua users, we initially developed the SMS cloud connector as part of our marketing efforts for a number of Zamir Telecom brands. Our experience in telecoms allowed us to take a customer centric approach in order to release this useful App for all marketers. Not only is our service free to set up, but we also offer the ability to add dynamic content in any message and provide delivery reports to help improve marketing efforts. We understand that customisation, targeting and measurability are pivotal to any marketing campaign and we want to give Eloqua users the best tools to succeed in meeting their marketing goals.”

Oracle’s Eloqua AppCloud is a hub for connectors, giving those in the Eloqua community the ability to aggregate and analyse their customers’ behaviour to better target the right buyers, easily execute campaigns and deliver the highest return on their marketing investment.

Naufal Zamir, Managing Director of Zamir Telecom said: “I am delighted that our Marketing Team has initiated simplecall sms by joining Oracle’s Eloqua AppCloud. This will further enhance our services to provide market customisation to businesses via the use of an innovative marketing solution.”

To learn more about simplecall sms for eloqua, or about SMS marketing in general, Mr. Ebrahim will be speaking about how to enhance results with SMS marketing at Eloqua’s Road to Revenue event in London on 3 December.

For more information on simplecall sms for Eloqua, please go to www.simplecallsms.com

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