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Saїd Business School and Simplecall Business’ parent Company, Zamir Telecom, Announce Scholarship for the Oxford MBA Programme

Zamir Telecom, a global telecommunications company that is the parent company of simplecall business, today announced a gift to the Saïd Business School, University of Oxford to establish the Zamir Telecom MBA Scholarship.

Zamir Telecom views these regions as future hubs for innovation and the scholarship will allow individuals with extraordinary intellectual and professional talent to connect with the organisation in the UK and its operations in emerging economies and enable them, through the Oxford MBA, to develop and realise their potential as future leaders and innovators in the sector. In addition to the scholarship funding, Zamir Telecom will also provide each scholar with a paid internship and a 1-year employment contract on graduation.

Naufal Zamir, Managing Director of Zamir Telecom and Peter Tufano, Dean of SaïdBusiness School made the announcement yesterday at a ceremony to mark the launch of the scholarships. “This is a generous gift and we are grateful to Zamir Telecom for their benefaction for these scholarships,” said Peter Tufano. “There are many talented young people around the world and this gift will enable us to open up the opportunity for them to make connections they would otherwise never make and go on to shape the future of technology provision in the emerging economies.”

Naufal Zamir said, “Zamir Telecom is committed to sourcing the best talent and is delighted to partner with Said Business School to provide assistance to extraordinary candidates for this scholarship. I firmly believe it will unleash their intellectual creativity and advance their career development opportunities globally. We are looking forward to this partnership with one of the most prestigious business schools and universities in the world.”

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