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Simplecall Business announces free hardware offer for SMEs

simplecall business has launched a new offer, called the “business phone scrappage scheme.” In this offer, any business with a monthly phone bill of more than £200 can scrap their old phones and upgrade to modern IP telephony for free.

This unique business offer is the first of its kind in the UK. simplecall business Director Saif Ahmed said that he was inspired by the mobile industry. A long time ago, people were required to buy their mobiles outright. However, today, almost everyone gets upgrades for free – so simplecall business is making that the case with business telephony.

The upgrade, which can add up to as much as £5000 worth of free hardware, comes with a guarantee of lower monthly telephone bills and added functionality to increase office productivity.

Some of the added functionality to the upgrade includes a list of features like voicemail to email, 3-way calling, missed call list, call conferencing and scheduled call-routing. Plus, it offers the ability for customers to self-select the department they want to reach when they call, as well as a smartphone landline app that allows international travellers to talk for a local cost.

To learn more about the business phone scrappage scheme, visit simplecallbusiness.com

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