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Simplify Your Digital Communications with SIP Trunking

Simplify Your Digital Communications with SIP Trunking

Not everyone may be familiar with the term, SIP Trunking but if you run a business or intend to start one, then knowing about it will be an advantage for you. SIP Trunk is the future of business communications. With its pay as you go communications model, it has made starting and running a business much easier. And as work from home becomes a norm, SIP trunk also eases business communications for those who love to work remotely.

What is SIP Trunking?

SIP Trunking is a technology that enables a company’s Private Exchange Branch (PBX) to send and receive calls via the internet. With SIP trunking you can make both audio and video calls. And to use your company’s official communication line you don’t need to be in the office, with advanced features that SIP Trunking provides you can use your business communication contact while working from home as well.  

Five Facts about SIP Trunking

5 Facts About SIP Trunking

Fact 1: It offers flexibility/elasticity

The technology allows employees to work remotely from anywhere in the world. They are not forced to stay at their desk in order to work. Business communications within an organisation or to the outside world are not affected in such a situation.

Fact 2: Business Expansion

One of the biggest disadvantages of the traditional communication system is that businesses had to install the communications hardware at the office premises due to which business expansion cost was drastically high. However, with SIP trunking, a growing business does not mean an expanded communication system with a growing jungle of wires and machines at your office, rather you only need to increase your userbase on your Hosted PBX which would not mean more than a few clicks on your computer.

Fact 3: Security and Control

SIP trunking enables business owners to take control of network permissions and user accounts from one dashboard. For eg when your employee decides to leave the company, you will still have control of his/her business contact number including his contact list.

In case the device is lost or damaged, you can remotely remove the access from the database. The dashboard uses industry grade encryptions for security…therefore hacking the system is not possible.

Fact 4: Not Affected by External Factors

Traditional communication systems are affected by various external factors like power cut, system failure, etc., however, this is not the case with SIP Trunking. The communication system is hosted on a cloud server which is not affected by such external factors. Even in the case of a cloud server failure, all communications are automatically routed through another server.

Fact 5: Save Money

Installing SIP trunk has many economic advantages such as reduction in long-distance charges, infrastructure and administration expenses, etc. No more hidden cost…you pay for what you use.

With the introduction of new age communication technologies, businesses which are adapting to them are able to work more effectively as they no longer face communication issues.  Problems in communication systems can directly have an impact on your day to day operations which in turn can result in loses.

To avoid such loses, it is very important to have a reliable communication system and SIP trunking is definitely that system.

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