Why should you upgrade to a Hosted Telephony

Most of us have probably used or at least heard of PBX (Private Branch Exchange). It has for years been the standard hardware equipment of every Office to enable telephone calls. 

With the advancements of technology, there has been a large scale digital transformation in telecoms which has brought in big changes in the business world and how we communicate, with advanced solutions that modernise and transform businesses giving them the competitive edge in the demanding modern business world.

What is Hosted PBX?

Hosted PBX is an IP-based all-inclusive telecommunications solution, delivering advanced features entirely through the Internet with no onsite hardware. Hosted PBX is a private telephone exchange system built, delivered and managed by a service provider in an offsite location commonly referred to as in the ‘Cloud’. The hosted PBX delivers a secure reliable unified communications (UC) solution for businesses of all sizes. A Hosted PBX solution will seamlessly move your business communications to the next generation of business grade technology.

Here are a couple of reasons for why you should upgrade to a hosted PBX solution for your business:

  • You can keep your existing numbers to avoid any confusion for your customers.
  • You will gain access to a large range of telephony features, like call monitoring and reporting, sophisticated call routing and forwarding, call groups, and many more.
  • You can set up call transfers to improve business continuity. For example, international offices in varying time zones can be set up with transfers to other offices in another ensuring business continuity.
  • Hosted PBX solutions are flexible and can easily adapt in line with your business. It is simple to scale to the solution and features as and when your business requires it.
  • Integrate with Skype for Business as well as leading CRM platforms
  • You are in control! You can keep track of your usage, adjust your consumption, manage your call features and create new users, all from a user friendly online platform and in just a few clicks.

Cost-Effective Benefits of Hosted PBX include:

No On-Site Hardware

A Traditional PBX has a limitation of the physical hardware that is installed in your office premises with all the additional costs that come along with it such as installation and long term maintenance that can be very costly.

On the other hand, a Hosted PBX solution takes away the entire nightmare that goes with maintaining the physical hardware and instead all of the telephony services are hosted securely by the service provider in the Cloud (SCB Global). Removing the physical hardware will give you piece of mind as you no longer have to deal with the upkeep and upgrades, a Hosted PBX solution will continually be updated to deliver the latest in communications technologies.


In today’s world business happens everywhere, not just in the office. With a hosted PBX solution the foundation of your business is no longer confined to the physical space of the office, you can connect your geographically diverse team where ever they may be in the world with one central solution located in the cloud that can be accessed at any time from different devices including desk phone, mobile or computer.  All that is required is a fast speed internet for a remote user to transform their location wherever it may be too into their virtual office.

Maintaining Reliability and Continuity

There are many external factors that can and often do affect a traditional PBX system, such as a power failure, adverse weather conditions etc. These disaster scenarios can disrupt your business communications and in some cases prevent any calls from being made or received.

However with a Hosted PBX solution for your business you will benefit from a consistently high level of reliability and redundancy. So if you encounter a disaster scenario of a fire, flood or a simple down powerline your business will continue through as usual.

If you are still relying on a traditional PBX in your Business, it could be the right time to consider moving to a hosted PBX solution to realise all the benefits that cloud-based telephony has to offer. For more information about a SCB Global hosted PBX  solution and how it can improve your business, please give one of our friendly team call on (0) 203 4350033 or Visit our website for more information.   

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